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What Kind of Real Estate Agent Are You?

This is a great post by Candy Miles-Crocker.  If you dont' know the answer to this question or haven't really given it any thought, then you should stop what you're doing and answer the question:  What Kind of Real Estate Agent Are You?  And then if the answer is not what you expected, then you get to decide What Kind of Real Estate Agent do You Want to Be? 

What Kind of Real Estate Agent Are You?While competing for a listing recently, the seller asked what I charged for my services and whether or not it was negotiable.  When I gave him my answer, he said, "you know there are other agents who will do it for less".

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Before you start arguing that "everything is negotiable", yes, I know.  But I want you to focus on how you run your business...your standard of practice, not the exceptions, because we all make exceptions.   What kind of real estate agent are you?  Are you one who is constantly reducing your commission to get the listing or giving away your commission to your buyers who come up a little short at settlement?  Or are you an agent who mostly holds firm on their commission?  Are you a "Big Lots" agent or are you a "Neiman Marcus" agent?

We Love A "Deal"

At the discount store, most times you get what you get.  Sometimes you get good service, other times you get sub-par service.  You never know what to expect when it comes to the inventory.  After all, it's odd lots and overruns.  But you also expect to get a bargain, a deal...even if you have to bring your own bags.  We will tolerate inconsistent service and inventory for the "deal".

Excellent Customer Service

When shopping at the upscale store you know to expect excellent customer service.  They even have personal shoppers whom you can call and they will pull your favorite clothing for you.  In some cases you will be offered a comfortable seat and a beverage while you wait for your items to arrive.  It is truly an experience, but the stores charge a premium for that experience.

It's Your Choice

As a real estate agent you get to determine the kind of agent you are and what you will be known for.  Will your focus be on sheer volume and not worry so much about customer service?  Or will you be more selective with the clients you work with and give amazing customer service?  Neither is a bad choice, but you need to realize that it is a choice...your choice.

Respond And Stop Talking

Oh, and by the way,  when the seller told me, "you know there are other agents who will do it for less", my reply was very simple.  I said, "yes I know", and I didn't say another word.  In the end, I got the listing and was glad I didn't lower my commission.

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This is a great post by Candy Miles-Crocker. If you dont' know the answer to this question or haven't really given it any thought, then you should stop what you're doing and answer the question: What Kind of Real Estate Agent Are You? And then… more
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